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I'm an artist living in San Francisco, on a wooded hillside overlooking the Farallon Islands. Redtail hawks soar overhead and sometimes perch outside the studio window, and raccoons, possums and skunks are nocturnal visitors. And this is in the middle of the city!

Friday, January 13

Chance and Luck

Curator Hanna Regev created two invitational exhibits in honor of the centennial of the birthday of John Cage, on the subject of Chance. The first exhibit, at SOMArts Gallery, is titled, "Get Lucky: The Culture of Chance". The gallery was packed, but I was able to take the photo below before the crowds arrived. My grid of nine pieces is on the wall at the left, and in the foreground is David Middlebrook's amazing piece,"Bamboozled". Below that is a closeup of one of my nine pieces, collectively titled "Against All Odds".