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I'm an artist living in San Francisco, on a wooded hillside overlooking the Farallon Islands. Redtail hawks soar overhead and sometimes perch outside the studio window, and raccoons, possums and skunks are nocturnal visitors. And this is in the middle of the city!

Wednesday, August 17

Fifty works in fifty days

I'll be taking part this year in the third annual 50/50 exhibit at Sanchez Art Center. This is a terrific juried fund-raising event in which 70 artists each create 50 six-inch works in 50 days. I call this series "Notations", and you can see all 50 on my website at

Monday, August 8

Meeting an old friend, at last

After many years of email correspondence, I finally met German collagist and teacher Cordula Kagemann, who was briefly in San Francisco with her husband, Michael. They visited my studio and had dinner with my husband and me, and then the next day I took them to meet Joan Schulze, another cyber-friend of Cordi's. Here they are with Joan in her beautiful studio. You can see Joan's elegant quilts and collages at, and learn more about Cordi at