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I'm an artist living in San Francisco, on a wooded hillside overlooking the Farallon Islands. Redtail hawks soar overhead and sometimes perch outside the studio window, and raccoons, possums and skunks are nocturnal visitors. And this is in the middle of the city!

Sunday, July 18

Holly Roberts at Modern Book

I love it when an artist whose work I've
long admired turns out to be every bit as great
in person as I'd hoped. I've been following the
work of New Mexico artist Holly Roberts for
several years now, so when she was at Modern
Book Gallery for a book signing last week I went
to meet her and buy the handsome book of her
work from 2000-2009 that the gallery has
published. We talked a bit about not being
afraid to go to the "dark side" and the saving
grace of humor, and I wished she lived nearer
and that I could know her better. Her work
will be on view through August 28 at
Modern Book, 49 Geary, San Francisco.

Sunday, June 27

Book arts

Here's a photo of Howard Munson, book artist
and teacher, taken at last year's Printers' Faire
in San Francisco. He's holding a damaged
antique Japanese screen, showing the trove
of wonderful old papers packed into the back.
He told me that antique dealers are often able
to date old screens by opening the back and
reading the dates of the newspapers that were
used as filling. 

Wednesday, June 23

And now for something completely different...

Here's a hilarious bit on youtube for art lovers:
An article in the May Art News told how it was created,

and named the works. When you've given up on
identifying the hard ones, you can find the list at

Monday, June 7

New Lark Publication

I'm one of 40 artists from 7 countries represented
in this new book, and frankly, I'm thrilled! It's
beautifully printed, and available in bookstores
and on Amazon. It's been great to learn more
about artists whose work I've been following for
some time, and to meet new ones. A plus is that
I've had some lovely email exhanges with others
in the book and found some strong affinities with
people I'm looking forward to knowing better.